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Furn El-Chebbak, Beirut
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Recommended Tools for Small Business Owner

Througout our work with SME we come accross services that we find very useful in doing our day to day business, and improves our business process.  We would like to share these resources as they become available.

Content Management

X2Engine CRM - We found this to be the easiest and comprehensive CRM out there with plans from Free to Paid

Signing contracts

Right Signature -- allows you to sign signatures...


SMEs With Strong Web Presence Grew More Than Twice as Quickly

Good News for SMEs

Business owners often doubt the effectiveness of using the Internet when it comes to their own businesses, but did you know that a study by McKinsey Global Institute of 4,800 Small and Medium Businesses (SMEs) in 13 countries suggests that "The Internet is a critical element of growth" and that “the Internet contributed 11% growth in the last five years.”

SMEs that have minimal or no Internet presence are not growing as fast and unfortunately to them, they are going out of business as savvy competitors are chipping away at their market share. The...


Was that a Cheetah or a QR? Top 5 things you SHOULD or SHOULDN'T do when using QR


Everyone wants to use Quick Response (QR) code in their marketing because of the mystery behind the scan or "cool" effect, but for people who actually take out their smartphones scan that QR it is very frustrating, when we realize that the marketer failedto understand how to use this convenience. Although there are many things to look out forI believe these five rules can get you very far!

Top 5 things you SHOULD or SHOULDN'T do when using QR

Business Considerations

Let us look at some basic business considerations, why do we decide to use QR...


How does product pricing affect consumer trust and your reputation


I recently bumped into a high school teacher and she was telling me about a group of students who decided to study the effect of clear pricing, or lack of it in retail shops in two cities. I got a copy of the presentation made by the students title "Shopping in a New Perspective", and I would like to summarize the study and results.

About Study

Students want to find out how much the sales price of certain items increase when the client buying it isn’t local Lebanese and comes from another country whether in the Arabian...


Starting a business, what are the benefits of developing a website?


Recently I was talking to a friend (Robert) who started his own business in Oxnard, CA and as we talked about an online presence for his new business, he asked me very interesting questions that are common to many new business owners. 

Robert said "I have never had a site or domain, and only use the Internet for informant search and some shopping(personal).

I really haven't explored the use of the net for more than that.  

My business is a DBA right now, but my goal is to grow into a reputable pool service business focusing on weekly...


What is the Value of a 5-Star Review?

Reviews and testimonials have long been known to help consumers decide on buying decisions, and especially reviews from their peers.  But it is not that easy...

Did you know that before yelp, facebook, foursquare and other social media sites, chain restaurants dominated the market?

Today we can find an authentic small restaurants that would have previously stayed unkown, suffering from the marketing engines of big chains. 

Consumers demand more credible feedback before purchasing

But not just any awareness is good enough anymore....


5 Vital Tips for Every Small Business Owner

Small business owners come from all walks of life. And while most are certainly experts in the services and products they sell, they may lack the finance and marketing backgrounds necessary to grow in today’s ultra-competitive world.

That shouldn’t stop anyone from opening a business. That’s because there’s a trove of resources online and in every community across the country that can help any business operate efficiently, target their customers and appear professional. Using a combination of their own know-how, affordable computer programs and local...


Top 5 Inbound Marketing Techniques for Small Business

Inbound marketing is proven as having effective methods for marketing the products of your small business. Lower costs per lead and sale, long term benefits and more authenticity are some of the basic things that attract more people to tend to inbound marketing. Thanks to the enormous influence of the internet, marketers are now paying more heed to internet marketing because it is an easier way of generating visitors and increase sales. According to, inbound marketing costs 62% less money to generate each lead comparing to other traditional marketing strategies. So, whether...


SEO Checklist: Drive traffic with perfectly optimized pages

Want to improve organic traffic, drive leads and improve your position in search engine results? This SEO checklist can help.

Source:  Altitude Marketing

Competing for top rankings in the search engines involves three elements:

On-page – Optimizing and improving what is on your website pages. Off-page – Measuring and improving things are that are happening beyond your site, such as the number and quality of links coming into your site from other sites. Technical factors.

In this article,...


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