Take Your Business
To The Next Level

Take Your Business To The Next Level Ayna combines
the most useful presence, sales and communication
tools for business with managed services to
maintain and protect you brand,...

SMEs With Strong
Web Presence Grew

Good News for SMEs Business owners often doubt the
effectiveness of using the Internet when it comes
to their own businesses, but did you know that a
study by McKinsey Global...

Ayna has helped connect 30 million users and 200,000 businesses together since 1997, First as a search engine with an advertising network of over 1000 sites, and today by focusing on the needs of retail and service businesses to attract and retain customers using online, mobile and social networking tools, using Ayna's platform combined with managed services.

At a Glance

Developer API

Automations and Synchronization Ayna enables businesses to synchronize content between Ayna and over 249 web services through our API integration with Zapier.com Automation enables business owners to save time by automating repetitive tasks and freeing that time for work. Tasks include importing newsletter subscribers or sending an email when something happen, etc.. Ayna assistants will help you identify which tasks can be automated and will configure these for you and connect them to Ayna. We...

Online Demo

Business Owner View Punto allows business owners to fully control their digital signature ranging from online and mobile presence to reputation and in-store communication with customers via QR, suggestion box, and much more. Experience for yourself the following: Change Themes with One Click Add, Edit and Delete Events, Deals and Pages Create Albums and Upload Photos Display Twitter in-site Display Facebook in-site (advanced)   The demo resets itself every hour, so please feel free to...

Who Uses Ayna?

Ayna serves a wide range of business owners and professionals.  We serve retail, general, health and service businesses.  Although each of these verticals are unique they share similar need to maintain a strong online presence, two-communication with their clients and patients using mailing lists, web, mobile, social media, SMS and more. Ayna enables these businesses to control the communication and presence from one location. You may visit our Client Showcase to view how these...

Omni-Channel for Business

Ayna in a nutshell Ayna is a combined retail expert service and online business platform to manage your business.  We help you design a unique presence that reflects your business, and designed to attract new customers.  We connect you to social media networks, create a presence that enhances your chances to show up in organig search engine results.  We also teach you how to use the platform to connect with your customers via email, social network and SMS.   Our customers are...

About Us

Ayna is an omni-channel marketing platform that includes all the tools to engage and inform your customers.

Ayna has helped connect 30 million users and 200,000 businesses together since 1997. Today Ayna continues that tradition by focusing on the needs of business by enabling them to unify marketing and sales message across all digital channels. Ayna offers solutions for Malls and Business using SaaS cloud services or on-premise deployments.